24 Jan 2019

Changes in the Tariff for fees and commissions of Karoll AD Investment Intermediary

Dear clients,


Due to the increased administrative expenses related to the dynamically changing regulatory framework, KAROL AD Investment Intermediary makes the following changes in the Tariff for fees and commissions, as of 01.03.2019:

  • Change of the minimum commission for a transaction from 2.00 BGN to 2.50 BGN;
    Change in the commission, formed as a percentage of the value of the transaction, applicable only to contracts in force after March 1, 2019;
    Maintenance fee for a brokerage account - BGN 1 monthly, due on a quarterly basis. Clients with more than 3 transactions for the calendar quarter, regardless of their size, will not be charged this fee;
    Transactions with broker assistance - a surcharge of 0.1% above the standard tariff of the client, but not less than BGN 5 per transaction.

All changes, as well as the new Tariff, can be found HERE.

If you disagree with the amendments to the Tariff, you have the right to terminate your contract with Karoll AD without notice prior to the date of entry into force of the new Tariff, without incurring liability for damages and expenses, except for expenses related to the assets you own and to the already concluded deals.

For further questions, do not hesitate to contact our team at broker@karoll.bg or  +359 (0)2 4008 250.

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