Capital Markets



Karoll Investment Banking is offering its experience and professional consulting for structuring and managing of Initial Public Offerings and Secondary Offerings. Our specialists possess excellent knowledge of the legal framework of the public offering; they analyze the trends in the capital market and examine the expectations of the market participants. Karoll is working very actively with the biggest institutional investors in Bulgaria and has shown that it can structure an issue in the best interest of both the issuer and the investors.

Karoll Investment Banking offers Capital Increase services to public companies. The procedure includes the following stages – financial analysis of the company, legal advice and structuring of the new issue, investor interest surveys and preparation of the complete documentation for the Financial Supervision Commission, Central Depository and the Bulgarian Stock Exchange.

Karoll is offering its competence in case that your company is looking for a way to establish a solid capital base for growth, innovation, or a merger, and needs fresh funds to continue to function at a new higher level by developing new strategic projects, improving its capital structure, credit rating and company value, which will make possible a future financing on more favorable terms and a larger scale.


Services offered:

  • Initial Public Offers - IPOs
  • Secondary Public Offers - SPOs
  • Admission to Trading
  • Warrants & Preferred Shares Issuance
  • Capital Increase
  • Tender Offers
  • Share Buy-Backs
  • Delisting


Debt Securities

Karoll Investment Banking performs due diligence on the company issuing the bonds and gives recommendations for its restructuring, if necessary. It determines the parameters of the bonds issue (coupon, maturity, amount etc.) which most adequately resemble and protect the interests of both the investor and the issuer. Karoll prepares all necessary documentation for the initial offer to private investors and its entry for trade on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange. It consults the issuer on the engagements following the issue.

Services offered:

  • Public issuance of:
    • Corporate Bonds
    • Mortgage Bonds
    • Municipal Bonds
  • Private Placement of Bonds Among Private & Institutional Investors


Hybrid Securities

Karoll Investment Banking executes the issue and placement of debt-and-equity hybrid instruments. Such instruments possess a complex structure that merges several basic financial instruments in one.


Service offered:

  • Convertible Bonds
  • Exchangeable Bonds
  • Other Structured Products


Headquarters Sofia

1 Zlatovrah Str., Sofia 1164, Bulgaria

Phone: (+359 2) / 4008 200