01 Feb 2021

Amendments of the General Terms and Conditions of Karoll AD

Dear clients,

Please be informed that the amendments of the General Terms have been approved by the Board of the Directors of Karoll AD on 29.01.2021. The amendments shall enter into force on 1 March 2021.

The amendments to the General Terms reflect the amendments of the applicable legislation to the investment intermediary’s activity and do not have essentially effect on the basic rights and obligations of the Investment Intermediary and the clients, established by the current General Terms and Conditions. The rules for margin purchases, short sales and lending of financial instruments, governed by Chapter XVIII of the current General Conditions are revoked. Karoll shall provide services related to margin purchases, short sales and lending of financial instruments, according to newly adopted internal rules, which are available HERE.

You can read more about the amendments in the General Terms HERE.

Please be informed that clients have the right to terminate their agreements executed with Karoll AD ​​without any preliminary notice before the effective date of the amendments (March 1, 2021) if they do not agree with the amendments to the General Terms. The termination conducted by the client in compliance with the previous sentence does not trigger any liability of the client, save for the expenses related to the client’s assets and any transactions already executed for the client. 

For any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact our team at E-mail: forex@karoll.bg or broker@karoll.bg or by phone: 02/4008 250.

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