29 Nov 2019

Amendments of the General Terms and Conditions and Fees and Commissions Tariffs of Karoll AD

Dear clients,


Please be informed that the amendments of the General Terms, the International Markets Tariff and the Bulgarian financial instruments transactions Tariff have been approved by the Board of the Directors of Karoll AD on 08.11.2019. The amendments shall enter into force on 1 January 2020.

The amendments to the General Terms provide the automatic termination of the Agreements for the investment services where the client has been inactive for a 12 months period (grace period),  and the latter does not have any deposited funds and / or financial instruments held on the client`s subaccount with Karoll AD ​​or the  financial instruments kept for the client are below the specified by the General Terms  amount.

You can read more about the amendments in the General Terms HERE.

The amendment of the International Markets Tariff introduces the maintenance of account fee, in the amount of BGN 2 per month, with VAT included, which shall be charged annually  by Karoll AD - for each calendar year until 31 January of the following calendar year. The fee will be due only in case that the conditions set out in Art. 113, paragrapf 4, item 1.1 of the General Terms of Karoll AD are met.

The amendment also revokes the commissions due for transactions executed through the  Karoll Dealing Platform in CFDs on shares traded in the Netherlands, Austria, Belgium, Portugal, France and Ireland are as the platform no longer  offers the execution of transactions in these financial instruments.

You can read more about the amendments of The International Markets Tariff HERE.

The amendment in the Bulgarian financial instruments transactions Tariff revokes an annual fee for transactions executed via the COBOS system in the amount of BGN 72 and amends the fee for maintaining the brokerage account to BGN 1.00 per month, excluding VAT.

You can read more about the amendments of the Bulgarian financial instruments transactions Tariff HERE.

Please be informed that clients have the right to terminate their agreements executed with Karoll AD ​​without any preliminary notice before the effective date of the amendments (January 1, 2020) if  they do not agree with the amendments to the General Terms and Tariffs. The termination conducted by the client in compliance with the previous sentence does not trigger any liability of the client, save for the expenses related to the client’s assets and any transactions already executed for the client. 

For any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact our team at E-mail: forex@karoll.bg or broker@karoll.bg or by phone: 02/4008 250.

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