IPO of Dronamics Capital EAD


Dronamix Capital EAD is specifically created in order to provide investors with access to the technological startup "Dronamics", which has been developing an unmanned aircraft for cargo deliveries since 2014. The company operates a pan-European network of drone ports, which covers more than 35 airports in 11 European countries.

Dronamix Capital EAD plans to raise additional capital of EUR 3 million through an initial public offering on the growth market of the Bulgarian Stock Exchange (BSE) - BEAM. 90% of the funds will be invested in Dronamics Global Limited - the parent company, in the form of a specific SAFE instrument, which in a future capital round will be converted into ordinary non-voting shares of Dronamics Global Limited at a preferential price. The remaining 10% will be used to pay for the long-term supply and operating costs of Dronamix Capital EAD;


Summary of the offering

Issuer Dronamics Capital EAD
Main business Development of drones for cargo deliveries
New shares offering 5 334 081 preferred shares class B
Nominal value per share BGN 1 
Issue price per share BGN 1.10 
Conditions for success Min 2 667 040 shares subscribed
Types of orders limited/market
BSE temporary code DRO1
IPO manager Karoll Jsc
Subscription period One trading session during which the IPO auction is held - 02.12.2021 from 09:30 till 14:00 h.
Subscription method Proportional distribution based on all subscription requests
Auction date 2 Dec 2021 


How to participate in the initial public offering of Dronamics Capital EAD shares?

  •  Step 1Conclude a brokerage agreement with Karol AD in person in any of the following offices or remotely, without visiting our premises personally, by just filling out the account opening registration form which is available on our web-site: 


  • Step 2: Your account setup application will be checked by our Compliance department. You will receive an email with request for additional documents/info in case of any missing or incomplete data. If everything is OK with your application, we will send you an email with instructions how to fund your brokerage account;
  • Step 3: Fund your account in order to acquire shares of Dronamics Capital EAD. Karoll AD’s bank account is indicated in the brokerage agreement;
  • Step 4: Place an order to participate. Type of orders:

- Limit order – contains number of shares and price (BGN 1.10);

- Market order – contains the total amount in BGN for which the investor would like to subscribe new shares at the determined uniform issue price.

  • Step 5: Karoll AD will send you confirmation regarding the acquired shares and the achieved auction price if your order is executed;
  • Step 6: The acquired shares will be available for trading approximately 1 month after the successful completion of the capital increase subscription procedure.

For more information please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions by phone at +359 2 4008 250 or by email at broker@karoll.bg.


About Dronamics:

Dronamics' mission is to revolutionize the transportation of goods by reducing costs and delivery time. For this purpose, the company is developing a new type of cargo aircraft ("Black Swan"), which is:

  • small, unmanned and extremely economical;
  • can transport 350 kg over 2500 km;
  • saves over 50% of the normal operating costs;
  • the aircraft flies with environmentally friendly fuel E 10, and by 2023 it will switch to absolutely pure bioethanol;
  • flies autonomously, one operator can monitor and control up to 10 aircraft simultaneously via satellite;
  • without the need for specialized and expensive infrastructure to take off and land;
  • without the need for loading and unloading equipment for flight preparation.


Dronamics is much more than just a manufacturer of transport aircraft. The company plans to have the entire infrastructure for organization and implementation of transport services with the speed of air transport at the cost of land.

General Information

Investors presentation Dronamics Capital 

SAFE contract with Dronamics Global

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