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The IPO prospectus of Allterco AD was approved by the Bulgarian Financial Supervision Commission on 18 February 2020. The subject of the IPO will be 3 000 000 newly issued ordinary, dematerialized, registered, freely transferable and voting shares with a nominal value of BGN 1 and issue price per share of BGN 3. The procedure will be successful if at least 1.0 mln shares are subscribed and fully paid. The capital increase will be done through the issue of subscription rights. For every existing share, one right is issued. Every 5 rights allow their holders to subscribe for 1 new ordinary share.

In addition, two supplements were approved by FSC on 11.06.2020 and 13.08.2020 opening the offering for investors from Italy and Germany.

Investors can read the Prospectus and the two supplements in the "Documents" section of this page.


Summary of the Offering
Allterco JSCo
New shares, subject to the PO
3 000 000 ordinary shares
Nominal value per share
BGN 1.0
Issue price
BGN 3.0
Conditions for success
Minimum 1 000 000 shares 
Timetable of the Offering
Start date of the trading of rights and subscription of new shares
08.10.2020 г.
Last day of trading of rights on the regulated market
19.10.2020 г.
Last day for transfer of rights                      
21.10.2020 г.
Official auction for sale of the unexercised rights
23.10.2020 г.
Last day for subscription of shares and for their payment
30.10.2020 г. 
Registration of the capital increase in the commercial register
(on or around) 09.11.2020 г. 
Registration of the new share issue at Central Depository AD
(on or around) 17.11.2020 г.
Recording the new share issue in the register kept by the FSC
(on or around) 24.11.2020 г.
Start date of the trading of new shares on Bulgarian Stock Exchange AD
(on or around) 08.12.2020 г.


How to participate in the public offering

  • Step 1: Conclude a brokerage agreement with Karol AD, in any of the following offices or remotely (in compliance with all the applicable statutory requirements) at the following link:


Our officers will assist you in completing required questionnaires under the applicable law, including the AMLA, the TSIPC, the Common Reporting Standard (CRS) and the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA). Please be informed that the process takes about 15 minutes;

  • Step 2Fund the amount for which you wish to acquire shares to Karoll AD’s bank account that is indicated in the brokerage agreement together with an additional amount that is necessary for the purchase of the rights that entitle you to participate in the capital increase;
  • Step 3Place an order for the purchase of these rights (after purchasing them you will receive a trade confirmation regarding the acquired rights). 
  • Step 4: File an application to exercise the already purchased rights and to subscribe the newly issued shares. 
  • Step 5: The acquired shares will be available for trading approximately 1 month after the successful completion of the capital increase subscription procedure.

An alternative way to participate in the capital increase subscription procedure is to use the services of a global broker or custodian bank (like UniCredit, Erste Bank, City, Raiffeisen Bank, etc.)

For more information don't hesitate to contact us with any questions by phone at +359 2 4008 250 or by email at




Allterco is a mobile service provider with more than 15 years of experience in mobile value-added products and services. The company currently operates on the Asian and American markets as in 2019 it sold its European business to the Norwegian LINK Mobility Group.

Since 2015 Allterco has undertaken major steps in its development by turning to a new, innovative and highly promising segment: Internet of Things. The Group has narrowed its focus to the two most interesting and high-potential niches in this segment: Home Automation and Wearable Technology.

Currently Allterco has two flagship product lines which are sold worldwide:




The child GPS-GSM watch MyKiTM is a device from a new generation that allows parents to communicate and monitor the location of their child. It dominates the Bulgarian market with more than 50% of small kids wearing the Myki watch. After the success of the MyKi watch, the company expanded the product line to include the MyKi Touch, with added touchscreen, as well as Myki Pet, which helps pet owners monitor their pets' location.




Shelly is the world's smallest Wi-Fi switch with power metering. It allows you to remotely control your power lines, sockets, lights, or any device with small Wi-Fi relay for that matter. Shelly is the first of its kind automation system, allowing you to fully control your home from anywhere. It is continuously ranked among the top selling products on Amazon in its segment with top rankings for all the products of the brand.


Shelly на IFA 2020 



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